Sundance Music Festival

I just sent this email to Bad Loop and Recue:

Okay, I've been euphoric about the sundance recording (the Kahvi version) for long enough now that I figured it was high time to comment to you both about it. (Cc'ing Nik cause I know he likes to hear this stuff.) ; )

I think it's fantastic. The style, mood, and tonality are consistent throughout, making for a coherent track. A gearhead like myself has to appreciate the work that's gone into the sound design. The rhythms are all perfectly glitchy and interesting throughout. The melodies, though, are what make this memorable: I find myself humming the various themes on a regular basis. The flow of the set is amazing, with both pauses and climaxes in the right places... it's just an amazing overall experience.

This gets queued up as often as my other favourites, and has officially made it to my "essentials" list. Definitely right up there with esem.

Thanks for making this available (and free). Count yourselves as having one more fan.
I suggest you check it out. You'll get an idea of the kind of music I love, and you may even grow to like it yourself.

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