1kBWC: Pre-emptive Shoosh

You may choose to discard the
next card played by the target.


r_b_bergstrom said...

Sorry to see the other posts gone. I was enjoying the discussion. Didn't mean to distress you.

Victor said...

WTF happened?

r_b_bergstrom said...

I now suspect he said "Shoosh" in an attempt to get me to let a particular subject die.

I however thought it was a humorous BWC card idea, and didn't shut up when I should have.

Next thing I knew, several very good blog posts had vanished.

What Silence said...


No, no, this post had nothing to do with that. Heh heh.

Pardon my amusement. Heh heh. No, not at all. I thought of this in the shower this morning, amidst thoughts of blank white cards, they might be giants, and Dr. Evil.


This is completely unrelated to the posts I removed... which, by the way, I would hardly call "good" posts. After some thought, I decided to re-think my attitude on "speaking out", and proceeded to remove the posts that I considered... well... stupid, on my part.

Take no offense. I wanted to "clean up" the blog, such that I could point people to it without fear of reprisal. I dare not say more than that.

Heh heh. Shoosh. Heh.

r_b_bergstrom said...

Glad to hear that.

The decision is yours, though I'd personally encourage you to speak out. Far too many good people keep their thoughts to themselves.

That, and the touched by his noodly appendage picture rocked.