Obama on Finance Reform

"When you walk into my administration, you will not be able to work on regulations or contracts directly related to your former employer for two years. And when you leave, you will not be able to lobby the Administration throughout the remainder of my term in office.

"I will end the abuse of no-bid contracts in my administration.

"We will institute an absolute gift ban so that no registered lobbyist can curry favor and build relationships with members of my administration...

"we will return government to the people by bringing government to the people – by making it open and transparent so that anyone can see that our business is the people’s business.

-- Barack Obama, June 22nd, 2007
Sorry for the old news, but I was just thinking about this, and had a link laying around.

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r_b_bergstrom said...

Thanks for sharing. I was in the grip of a cross-country move at the time, and completely missed this strong stance from Obama.

He moves up a lot (in my opinion) from that.