Though I am surrounded by people that "don't believe in resolutions", I myself am inordinately fond of them. I enjoy challenging myself. I like to think I can make changes for the better. Thus, I welcome any chance I can get to adopt new resolutions, including the New Year. I've been ambitious this year, and won't be terribly disappointed if it takes longer than a year... at least, for most of these:

  • Eat very little sugar.
  • No new video games this year.
  • Find an appropriate way to exercise.
  • Take at least one college course. Preferably two.
  • Watch a Hindi film and understand it.
  • Have a conversation in Spanish.
  • Learn the writing systems, basic grammar, and 1000-ish words of Arabic, Conversational Sign, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, and Spanish.
  • Read the news in German, daily.
  • Produce another album (music).
  • Draw. A lot.
  • Shed a couple layers of ego.

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