Distribution of Primes

Mathematics may be the most "pure" science... but, interestingly, it is completely removed from reality.

Sociologists?  Studying the behavior of groups of real people.
Psychologists?  Study the behavior of real individuals.
Biologists?  Study real living things.
Chemists? Study how real materials interact.
Physics?  Study the mechanics of real things.  ...Well, except black holes and dark energy and the like.  ; )


Show me 1.

You can't!  There's no such thing as 1.  It's just a concept.  Completely abstract.  Beautful?  Sure, if you're into phallic things (I prefer 6, myself).  Useful?  Absoultely.  Real?  Not at all.

Mathematics fascinates me.  It's the ultimate abstraction layer--and I like abstraction.

And the fact that you can get completely lost on some concept like the distribution of primes...  that's cool.  (If you haven't looked into the topic, I highly recommend it.)

But it strikes me as a distraction from reality.  : )

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