The internet is an amazing thing.

A fucking monstrosity. An aberration of human sociology. A window to the most demented aspects of the human condition, to the darkest facets of our diversity.

But amazing.

How is it that, at the same time, I want to make better use of it AND want nothing to do with it?

I suppose the core lesson I've learned via the internet in the past week has been this:

I have strong opinions that have formed from my experiences and predispositions. When I'm faced with horrible truth that very few people share those opinions, I feel lost. These are not trivialities that I can choose to stop believing in, for the sake of better "connecting" to other people, and yet I feel remarkable loss every single time I hear someone say I'm wrong.

The only fact that keeps me going is that the internet is real. That is, whatever happens on the internet is something that actually happens. There's no denying it: only accepting it.

It's just not always easy to accept.

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Victor said...

Did something specific bring this on?