Spore: Fail!

Some time ago, I decided I would buy two games this year: Spore and The Force Unleashed.

Well, Spore was just released, so I thought I'd go spend the $50 to download it directly from EA.

I did.

...Then I realized: the WINDOWS version has been released. Ooops.

Okay, no big, I'll just email tech support and ask them to cancel the order.

I did.

....Then they tell me to go to their website to track the issue. I go, and find that, even though the menu on the left says I have one issue, it doesn't show up when I click on it. Nothing, nada. Full of void. ...full of fail.

I notice a handy link at the bottom-left where I can "rate this website!" ...I think that might help. So I click on it...

[sigh] I'm not having the best week.

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