Leaky Thoughts

I just learned about Wikileaks, thanks to the whole Anonymous-hacks-Palin thread on the news.

My thoughts on the matter:

  • I don't think hacking Palin's email account was warranted.
  • I read the emails anyway.
  • The emails were harmless, and shouldn't have been posted. The hack was fruitless; they should have kept quiet.
  • I do think hacking is warranted in some cases*. Specifically, when the hack is intended (and succeeds in) exposing an abuse of power, such as Anonymous's hacks against the church. If the fishing expedition doesn't clearly reveal abuse of some kind, it should be immediately tossed and never mentioned again: people's (and even corps') right to their privacy then immediately trumps our right to investigate corruption**.
  • I do support whistle-blowing. Strongly. So I like the idea of this site, even if it's difficult to substantiate many of its claims.

...As an aside, I really like the new version of Blogger, when it comes to embedding images and videos. Much improved.

* Proving my "moral landscape" is devoid of the "deference to authority" trait, heh.

** I don't mean to make this sound so cut-and-dry. For example, who has the right to decide when we have the right to investigate? Who decides when evidence is "clear"? It's grey. I'm just sayin'.

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