Last night, I gave more thought to the discussion on Feminism and the Sex Industry.

I think the argument boils down to people's definition of feminism, and I think this is an interesting way to characterize the distinction:

Most of the people there seem to think of "feminism" in a psychological sense.  One person, and her ability to do what she wants.  This is valid.

I think of feminism in a sociological sense.  That is, a feminist is one person who struggles against society's misogyny.

The former has every right to be a porn star, prostitute, or stripper.  Have at it.

The latter, however, needs to carefully consider what their actions are doing for society's predispositions.

...Interestingly, there's a post by a woman in the porn industry, where I commented on some of this stuff.  She wrote a very interesting article on the subject, from the "psychological" standpoint.  Of course, be prepared to see some nudity if you follow that link (not much, though).  ; )

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