Taking my Toys and Going Home

This is a "dear diary" style post.  No need to comment.  :)

One of my pet peeves on the internet is when people say their "last words", and storm out of the room (virtual as it may be). "I'll never post here again 'cause you're all stupid fuckwads" kind of thing. It's compounded when the person posts again ten minutes later.  : )

Yet I found myself doing something similar today on Skepchick's Afternoon Inquisition.

I made a faux-pas (comparing a prostitute to a slave), but I did it as part of an analogy.  I got called on it, which was frustrating... but for whatever reason, I'd had enough.  (Another commenter called it a "pig-pile", which is how it felt.)

For the record, I felt unnecessarily vilified for essentially stating an opinion (namely, I don't think women in the porn industry are legitimate feminists). And, for the record, I'm not proud of my mistake (slavery is not at all like prostitution), nor of my little hissy-fit in my last comment:

BAH! I'm angry, now. Bailing on the conversation. Sorry.

The conversation was a trap... but I understand why I was jumped on.  Sexuality is something that, once we've come to grips with "owning" it, is not something we want to subject to scrutiny. It's private.

Still, it's awfully convenient to believe such things are well and good, 'cause then we don't have to have any of the guilt that comes with feeling like we're part of the problem.

However, I get a little disturbed when I'm jumped on for trying to help fix the problem. I can understand defensiveness... I just have trouble appreciating it.

I'll try harder.


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