I watched Cloverfield tonight, since my wife is on a trip.

Incidental details that may have influenced my opinion:

  • I was alone.
  • I watched it on a TV (reducing nausea-cam effect).
  • I was bored when I put it in.
  • I fast-forwarded through the whole intro. ...Essentially, I started the movie at the first "earthquake".
  • I went into it expecting to see this (and looking forward to it):

I liked Cloverfield. A lot.

I do, however, wish there were more action and less interaction. The latter was lame. My reaction to the actual monster was mixed: I thought the image above was really cool... but I think they made it a lot more... freakishly demonic. Evil, rather than just dark/lovecraftian. It immediately brought the Doom mythology to mind.

Go ahead. Make fun of me for liking it.


r_b_bergstrom said...

I really enjoyed the film. I think I even gave it 5 stars on netflix. The logic behind that rating went as follows: the films it most resembles are Blair Witch and Godzilla, and it beats the pants off both of those.

I even liked the intro - it was admittedly longer than it needed to be, but for me it really sold the "footage found in the ruins" feel of the show. It also made some of their later bad decisions more believable.

You're right though, it would have been cooler with the whale/louse crossbreed. What they went with reminded me too much of the "fleshy alien baby" from Alien: Ressurection.

Jeremy Rice said...


You know, as of this point, I refuse to believe Alien Resurrection was ever actually written. Perhaps we could conspire to cover up its existence. ;)