I thought maybe I should back up my bit about hallucinations. ...And who better to do that than one of my personal heroes, Derren Brown? : )

Derren Brown-The Invisible Man - on MetaCafe


r_b_bergstrom said...

I'm not understanding. Can you put this in context?

Jeremy Rice said...

I am presenting evidence that a person can be directed to believe in something that is patently false. In the context of religion, this implies that people may have experienced things that were not factual, reinforcing the stories they had been told, and helping perpetuate those stories. More specifically, I'm suggesting much the same mental properties are in play in Derren Brown's acts as are in key religious events that defy truth. ...Many of Catholicism's miracles, for example.

I'm absolutely not doing this to deflate the power of the story, but to point out how the power of the story overrides truth.