I've decided that the most succinct way to frame my ultimate goal is this:

I must realize my own potential in the scope of the universe.

With that in mind, I had to choose some path that captures this... something that suits what I've already done, who I currently am, and where I would like to head. Personally, I like the idea of becoming a sage. Of course, the definition of "sage" becomes somewhat like jargon: a specific contextual meaning. But the word is evocative for me: I like the image of someone with a modicum of wisdom, but who is always searching for greater truth. Not a leader, but an adviser. Someone skilled in both arts and sciences. Someone understanding of diverse ideas, but adamant that not all ideas are correct. Imparting wisdom by way of story-telling.

That's where I must head, if I'm going to make the most of what life I've got left.

UPDATE: This didn't work out.

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