Facebook: Feel My Disdain!

This morning, while googling for an old college crush of mine, I ended up signing up for Facebook.

So, like, if you're into that kind of thing, I'm there now.  ...I'd been resisting it from nearly day 1, but, well... I wanted to know if I had the right girl, so my hand was forced.

Of course, if it is who I think it is, she'll be just as disdainful about the damn site as I am, and will likely not reply.  So it goes.

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Andy C. said...

As "social networking" sites go, I've found Facebook to actually be a nice (and fairly passive) way to see what acquaintances from my various past lives are up to, without undergoing the annual ritual of exchanging "man, it's been way too long since we caught up" e-mails.

Some of the game/meme/quiz/gift apps are annoying (I accepted too many invitations to add this, that, and the other thing early on, and have never gotten around to dumping them) but all in all, I think it's pretty neat.