After repeatedly finding myself frustrated with the lack of "feel" that Photoshop gives with the tablet, I bit the bullet (not saying all that much, since I got a huge education discount) and bought Painter X. Here's my first "real" sketch with it:

It's definitely far better to use than Photoshop for this kind of thing. It gives you some modicum of a "feel" for what you're drawing, with much better sensitivity for pressure and speed. Also, PS happens to "stutter" while I'm drawing, which made it very frustrating. That doesn't happen with Painter (and I was quite afraid it would).

Anyway, I like it. Hopefully, this will get me drawing more. Unfortunately, it has me wanting a bigger, better tablet. And those start at around $700.

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Jeremy Rice said...

I should add: the setting I used there was a (black) soft pastel.