Knowing why you want something is more important than knowing how to get it. Probably far more important.

Recently, I've been trying to re-evaluate my personal goals. It wasn't going well. I had a simple enough time coming up with ideas of what I wanted to do, but none of them were really grabbing me, making me jump to action. Then it dawned on me that I had been neglecting the whys.

I have to admit, this is something that the religious types have as an advantage over the rest of us. : ) "Doing God's work" is a powerful motivator. The ostensible secular response, "because it makes me feel good" is just hedonism. There's a basic human need, I think, to contribute to the world, not simply take what we want from it.

But I do have a kind of faith: a faith in the universe itself. Particularly its creative aspects, its tendency toward beauty. I think my "why" should be a reflection of this: try my best to realize my own potential in the scope of the universe.

Sounds a little cheesy, sure, but I think dramatic goals require dramatic whys. : )

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