Clean Bill of Neurological Health

I'm back from the neurologist, who says all systems are go.

The muscle problems, he says, all seem to be very clearly statin-related ADEs ( Adverse Drug Events)... but, of course, not this long off-drug. Thus, he wants to run some blood tests (a lot of them... he must have checked off a dozen or more), then test my muscles with his EGC or whatever that thing is called--sticks you with needles and shocks you and measures muscle activity.

That's scheduled for early August. Yes, that's really the earliest. I asked twice.

He will also "take a dictation of his findings and report that to my doctor", according to the receptionist, so I should hear back from him, as well.

So, for today, I was poked and proded and told to follow this and touch that and stand here and close my eyes and open them and stare at this and resist him there and so on and so forth... all of these tests are perfectly normal. Healthy, even.

So, I was right: the focus is on the muscles. Rest easy on the brain.

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