So, I've had a "not-an-ear-infection" for a few weeks now (Dr. tells me it's a sinus infection that's just got my eustacian tubes clogged). It hurts. And as of today, the rest of the body is aching in that lymph-node-y, "dude, you're sick" kind of way.

And the muscle cramps are seriously starting to get old, man.

But I'm not beaten yet. ;)

Got in a little consulting tonight. ...I'm not sure why I put it off this weekend: I really enjoy Perl. Sure beats the day-job Visual dBase crap.

Okay, I lied: I know why I put it off. ...I would rather be doing music stuff, that's why. Or drawing. ...As cool as Perl is. ;)

Ouch. ...I just hiccuped. Damn ears.

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