Over-the-phone left-a-message test results

So, this is just a message on the answering machine at this point, thus there are no hard numbers yet, but: my bloodwork came back. The key phrases from the message were "still nothing causitive" and "some of your cholesterol numbers are way up there", which he says is a "big time issue, but nothing we need to jump on today". So he'll be calling me back on Monday.

Something of a drag that there are no answers about the cramps. ...but the cholesterol was anticipated. The whole reason I started seeing the doctor again was to get back "on track" with the cholesterol treatment, given that the cramps were clearly not caused by the Lipitor... and my cholesterol was right where it needed to be after a month of being on it. ...I'm just a bit curious as to what the actual numbers were. Also, it's somewhat implied that the arthritis test came back negative, which is a good thing, too. ...Meaning, it's not Lupus (or a number of other possibilities). ; ) To be honest, I'm actually slightly surprised that it came back negative, since my joints have always ached to one degree or another (hips, knees, and fingers especially), and I'd assumed I'd just inherited arthritis. But apparantly not. Hmmmn.

More details on Monday (assuming I get the phone call).

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