Good Nudes

I've had a couple of good days, pain-wise. That's good news. Of course, it's been somewhat muffled by an increase in my difficulty articulating. But that's very slight, and continues in the "just obnoxious" vein.

But further good news came from the nurse just recently: apparantly the bloodwork came back with lots of flags raised. This is good for three reasons.

  • It will mean a much easier path to diagnosis,
  • I feel somewhat vindicated in that this isn't "just in my head", and
  • I may yet have an episode of House modeled after my case.
(That's a joke, son. Laugh.)

I'm flying tomorrow, so I won't get a chance to talk to any of the doctors until Thursday, in all likelihood, but at least now I'm on a path to somewhere, as opposed to wandering aimlessly about the first layer of hell. :)

I'm really quite prepared for my trip tomorrow, so I'm planning on just finishing the handfull of dish-washing I need to do, and then relaxing for the evening with a piece of cheesecake I bought on my way home. It was a productive day at work: I didn't get done everything I wanted to, but I solved an unexpected, interesting problem at the end of the day (caused by a very naughty scoping problem with dBase), and problem-solving is one of the best drugs known to geekdom, so I'm still high from it.

I finished reading Mind Hacks (link below), and so I switched to reading Tao of Photography for real (again: link below). I'm really enjoying it, so far.

If I shut up right now, I'll even have time for a movie before bed. So... g'night. I won't be blogging for the next week, mind you... but I'll be seeing many of you in the coming week! Looking forward to it!

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