Eww, 1kBWC, and, of course, Health.

My house stinks.

No, seriously. We've had humidity of over 50% for several weeks now, and the roof leaked this weekend, and despite my best efforts to clean it all up... the result is: it stinks.

And little did I realize just how much faster food goes bad with humidity. Being that I'm alone in the house (and there's only so much I can eat per day), the food's just dropping like flies.

On top of it, I'm still really tired (and just want to sleep, dammit), my muscles are all saying "okay, enough with this cramping experiment, can we go back to being slow, please?", and I haven't noticed any improvements with speech or typing or teeth-brushing. ...Though at the same time, I've noticed that things like shampooing/drying/combing my hair, shaving, and (large) stick-twirling are all unaffected. (But I can't twirl a pencil.) Weird. Despite antibiotics, my ears are still totally clogged and they hurt every time I yawn (which is every few minutes, argh). So... "sucks-to-be-me" continues. I'm trying, though! Really.

I played two rounds (= one game) of 1kBWC this weekend. Three player game. ...It holds up with three players, but there is much less time for art, so things are a little sloppier in that respect. Plus, all of us were tired, so it was kinda low-key. But it scratched the itch. I had a couple of cards to be proud of: "You Walked The Pattern" (could have been better), "Object of My Desire" (very cool card, one of my best), and "Colored-pencil Porcupine on a Leash".

And, adding to the rectoclops collection (I ended up with a LOT of blanks and not much time to fill them): Rectoclops Siamese Twins, Fat Rectoclops (drawn the same as usual, but adds "trust me, it's a porker"), Stick-figure Rectoclops (a line), Rectoclops Barkeep, Rectoclops Judge, Rectoclops Spaceship With Nacelles, Rectoclops Manacotti (a parallelogram in perspective, mimicing another series of "manicotti" cards) and Rectoclops in a Mirror. Oh, and possibly my favourite ever: Non-euclidian Rectoclops. They make me chuckle. I learned that one of the other players secretly hates rectoclops... and yet he was still amused by these. (Tooting my own horn, these were good.)

Highlights from other players? Hmmmn. Some really nice artwork in a few cases, but sadly nothing leaps to mind. "Princess Sparkle Pony Spaceship" was a chuckle... I later edited it to give it nacelles in the shape of unicorn horns, since he'd neglected to give it a horn, though. And there were a few other very cool-looking spaceships. IMHO, the "destroys cards of type foo" style of card is getting really old.

I played a wee bit of Continuum this weekend, too. Enjoyable game concept! One of the more flavor-ful players was absent, so things took a decidedly more serious tone... and two highly ADD players were there instead, so the game didn't move fast. Still, the GM rocks, so it wasn't all lost.

Actually, the 1kBWC game had a lot of references to Continuum, and they were all quite amusing... including a little drawing of a stick-figure mime kissing a picture of a big butt. Heh. Long story.

There's something of a "mini-theme" with stop-watches... the original card is up on flickr, and one of the players had drawn a "What Time Is It Card", the effect of which was going to be something along the lines of "Create a new card that duplicates the text of something or other"... but, ironically, he ran out of time drawing it (this is ironic, because the next incarnation of the "Time's Up!" card says "Stop a player who is currently drawing, and take the unfinished card. Finish it."). ...The unfinished version ended up in my hand, but before I could complete it, Another player played a "swap hands" card, and it ended up in yet another player's hand... and that player went silly on us, and turned it into "Create a new card that depicts a rectoclops". She played it on me. "Non-euclidian" was the result.

I guess you had to be there.

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