Still Picking up the Calf

Well, I was hoping this weekend would bring another "up" day, but it didn't. Still, it was par for the course: just a little worse each day. (But just a little.)

Still walking, talking, working, typing. It's slightly more obnoxious today than the day before, but not too bad.

However, I am reminded of the story of the boy who went out to the barn every day after birthing a calf to lift the calf... eventually the day came that he couldn't, and he scratched his head and wondered how that was possible, given that he'd lifted it every day before then. Heh.

But we'll figure out what's going on before that. I've got a loooong way to go before anything is really "crippling".

In another effort to rule out environmental stuff, I've decided to change beds: I'm now sleeping in the guest room. It's noisier (front of the building), but the bed's fine. The dog is freaking out slightly about it (why isn't he in bed?!?), but we haven't had any massive rebellion.

On top of that, there wasn't any role-playing game this weekend, so I got a good three nights of 10-12 hours of sleep. That should help. Certainly feels good when I'm doing it. Heh.

Saturday was a designated "down day", and I listened to a whole lot of music, played with a whole lot of synths (slightly depressing, that, since I need freqent breaks: hard to edit patches with lots of interruptions). I have my sights set on Stylus RMX (so I can just lay down a few beats and go), and an upcoming synth called "Zebra 2", which just takes everything to a whole new level of ease-of-use and quality. Lacks the smooth silkiness of Albino, so I may want to have both in my arsenal, but I would certainly be "good to go" with Zebra 2 only. ...I'm going to see if I can put in the extra consulting time (I only need three extra hours) to afford it this month.

Anyway, that was a lot of fun. And I wrote some decent music, too.

Presently, I am finishing up lunch--one of Amy's organic "Bowls". I bought a bunch of Amy's stuff yesterday, and was thinking, "damn, these had better be GOOD at nearly $5 a pop!". Well, let me tell you: the pasta-and-tofu bowl concoction was GOOD. Yum.

Anyway, time to batten down the dog and head back to work. [salutes]

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